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What Feasts At Night Book Review

Book Cover of What Feasts at Night

Title: What Feasts At Night

Genre: Horror

Audience: Adult

Page Count: 160

Author: T. Kingfisher


Publisher: Tor Nightfire

Series: Sworn Soldier Book 2 of 2

This review contains spoilers.

In the sequel to "What Moves The Dead," titled "What Feasts at Night," Alex Easton's quest for tranquility is shattered as they confront a new terror lurking in the depths of their family's hunting lodge. Despite craving rest and routine after their harrowing ordeal, Easton finds themselves thrust into another nightmare when they arrive at the lodge to find it in disarray and the caretaker dead. As whispers of a monstrous entity haunt the villagers, Easton must navigate a landscape fraught with uncertainty, where reality blurs with the darkness of their dreams. With echoes of past horrors resurfacing and new threats emerging, Easton's battle for survival takes on a chilling new dimension in this sequel.

As a big fan of the first book, I was first in line to get this one. However, I was very disappointed with this book. As you can see, it's a very short book. So in order for your book's pacing to work, a lot has to happen in a short amount of time. While being over 50% into the book, we still had little information about what was happening and why Bors was truly sick. And the characters who the moroi (spirit/demon) was affecting and slowly killing (Bors) were put in the background and stayed there.

Our protagonist spent too long denying that the moroi existed. They spent more time mocking the people who believed in it for the book to really develop tension and fear. Easton tried to help the believers and made things worse and even then I still didn't feel the tension that Kingfisher delivered in What Moves The Dead.

The moroi is a great concept of a spirit or demon. This entity sits on your chest and takes your breath while you sleep. They talked about different versions of the entity in the story, but this is the version of their entity. To the waking world, you're aggressively sick with pneumonia and over time it gets worse.

Bors's grandmother, The Widow, tells him he has to fight her in his sleep. But it comes down to Easton fighting off the moroi. And when I say fighting, I don't really mean it. When Easton is asleep and being attacked by the moroi, they shoot it a few times. That's it. As an avid reader of horror, shooting a spirit doesn't work, and if it does, it's lazy writing. It means they couldn't figure out how to kill the spirit and just went with the first thing they thought of.

This is a newly released book with under 1000 ratings on quite a few platforms. I am seeing that the ratings so far are good across the board. So I may be the odd on out who didn't like it. But it pains me to say that I don't recommend this book.

What Feasts At Night Book Review Ratings and Recommendation

Rating: 2/5

Recommended: No

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