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Terms and Conditions Book Review

Terms and Conditions Book Cover

Title: Terms And Conditions

Author: Lauren Asher

Audience: Contemporary romance, Romance

Page Count: 496

ISBN: 9780349433462, 0349433461

Publisher: Little Brown Book Group

Series: Dreamland Billionaires 2 of 3

This review does not include spoilers.

This is my favorite book of the Dreamland Billionaires series. These books are stand alone so you can read on its one however I recommend that you read them together as a series. I think you will enjoy them more that way. This books has boss and employ going on, age gap, office romance, marriage of convince, and did I mention that he's a billionaire?

When Declan grandfather passes away he leaves them an inheritance and in order to get the inheritance he has to marry and have a family This task seems very impossible for Declan considering he hates everyone and doesn't get out much. That is where the marriage of convince comes in. Iris, Declan's assistant arranged a marriage of convenience for Declan. Only to have it fall apart at the last minute. Declan’s job is the most important thing in his life, and he needed that marriage to make things work. So what does Iris do? She volunteers to marry her boss.

Iris was my absolute favorite character of this book. She was hilarious, sarcastic, a business woman, intelligent everything you want in a main character. Watching Declan the grumpy business man going soft for Iris was just perfection. It’s a slow burn in many ways but emotions run deeper than these two will acknowledge. Watching them try to get it right was light and funny one minute and tension-filled the next. This book does contain some spice.

Terms And Conditions Book Review Ratings and Recommendation

Rating: 4/5

Recommended: Yes

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