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Stolen Book Review

Stolen Book Cover

Title: Stolen

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Young Adult

Page Count: 320

Author: Lucy Christopher

ISBN: 978-0545170949

Publisher: Chicken House

Does this review contain spoilers: No

One of my all-time favorites in the young adult genre. This tale follows Gemma Toombs, a 16 year old who meets a young man, that seems so familiar, to find herself unfortunately in his clutches and taken away from her parents.

 Written by Lucy Christopher shortly after she moved to Australia, this is her love letter to the country that she fell deeply in love with. In Stolen, not only does she make your heart race with a compelling story, but she will make you yearn for a place you have never been. 

This story is not only bold, entrancing, and mystifying, but the book itself can be quite a quick and easy read, making it appealing for readers with little time. 

Trigger Warning: "Stolen" by Lucy Christopher contains themes of abduction, captivity, and psychological manipulation, which may be distressing for readers who have experienced or are sensitive to abuse-related topics. Reader discretion is advised.

Don't miss the chance to disappear into this book!

Stolen Book Review Ratings and Recommendation

Rating: 5/5

Recommended: Yes

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