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Crank Book Review

Crank Book Cover

Title: Crank

Genre: Young Adult

Audience: Young Adult

Page Count: 576

Author: Ellin Hopkins

ISBN: 978-1442471818

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Series: 1 of 3

This review contains spoilers.

If you want to read about a person who makes bad decisions and watch as those bad decisions bring tragedy to their life at an alarming rate, then this book is for you.

"Crank" is an easy-to-read book formatted like concrete poems on every page. Don't be intimated by the thickness of the book because not every page will be covered with words. 

Though quick to read, "Crank" is anything but easy due to the difficult nature of drug addiction displayed in the book.

The book follows Kristina who is, at the time, a straight-A junior in high school who visits her dad for the summer in Arizona and meets a boy named Adam who convinces her to try crystal meth. The story dives into her new relationship with a drug she calls "the monster" and how it caused her life and familial relationships to change for the worst.

Beware, when reading this book, there are strong moments that will make you want to put the book down to compose yourself, but "Crank" offers a window into the sad, hard reality that drug addicts face from the moment they take a chance on "the monster."

This book is a three-part series followed by "Glass" and "Fallout."

Crank Book Review Ratings and Recommendation

Rating: 4/5

Recommended: Yes

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