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The Fine Print Book Review

The fine print book cover

Title: The Fine Print

Author: Lauren Asher

Audience: Contemporary Romance, Romance

Page Count: 434

ISBN: 978-1737507710

Publisher: Piatkus Books Paperback

Series: Dreamland Billionaires 1 of 3

This review does not include spoilers.

This is such a great series! Picture this, Rowan a grumpy billionaire who is known for being cold and selfish is now required to temporarily run Dreamland - a Disney like theme park his family owns. Rowan gains to Inherit many share of the company only if he fulfills the agreement that his grandpa has put in his will and if he does not succeed then his shares go to his dad, which is the worst possible case. However, Dreamland is the last place he wants to spend any time at only making him more ruthless and grumpy.

Zahra a stylist at the Princess salon making every kid feel beautiful and making sure these kids have the best day ever. Well one night, she drunkenly summited a proposal criticizing Dreamland's most expensive ride. She thought she was going to get fired but instead she gets her dream job as a creator. However she now has an insufferable, off limits boss Rowan.

This "office romance" revolves around the theme park "Dreamland", which in our would would be considered Disney. Zahra and Rowen have to work closely together to make a new ride for the park. But their bickering and fighting slowly start to blur and their feeling for each other start to show,

Are they just working together or falling in love? This book was a page turner from enemies to lovers, the sunshine, grumpy trope I didn't want to put it down. However I had a hard time getting into the book it took a few chapter to really pull me in. I also felt like Rowen messed up a bunch, but I absolutely loved the character building.

These books can be read as a stand alone or you can read them in any order. I enjoyed reading this series in order I felt like I had a little more insight into the charters.

The Fine Print Book Review Ratings and Recommendation

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommended: Yes

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