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The Ferrokin Nevermore

Part Two
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Image by Andrew Kliatskyi
My Story

Jennifer Swartwood-Walker has a B.A. in Art/Graphic Design from Western Colorado University. She's known for creating photo-realistic paintings, drawings, graphic art, etc. In the graphic novel industry, she surprised everyone with The Ferrokin Series. By adding a fine art style and basing her story on real science and history, she created something unique. The science in the book is elaborated on in the back of the actual book and on The Ferrokin website ( (All science in the book has been verified by scientists to make sure it's as real as possible.)

My Books
My Books
The Ferrokin Origin Part One SL.jpg

The Ferrokin Origin:

Part One

The Ferrokin Nevermore Part One.jpg

The Ferrokin Nevermore:

Part One

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The Jade Book

Paper Texture
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Jennifer Swartwood-Walker


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Image by Andrew Kliatskyi
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